Systema is a russian martial art. It is not a sport, does not have a cometition or belt degree system like in karate or ju jitsu. There are general principles with which the systema practitioner learns to respond to an attack. These can be summarized into these four elements.Breathing is important for good oxigenation, … Continue reading systema

Job offer: Judo trainer at GSBV de Mattekloppers

Are you a licenced judo trainer and do you live in (the area around) Groningen? Do you have some spare time on fridays 1930-2100h and do you feel an affinity for providing technical training to students? Then you are the one that we’re looking for! We offer 3 sports at GSBV de Mattekloppers, namely systema, … Continue reading Job offer: Judo trainer at GSBV de Mattekloppers

New Board

Dear Mattekloppers, The annual General Members Assembly took place yesterday, which means that we have a new board! The following people will be the members on the board: Chairman: Inge ten Seldam Secretary: Daphne Jonker Treasurer: Silke Kloetstra Judo: Mirjam Borger Competitive Judo: Stefan Sulkers Jiu-Jitsu: Jelmer Telgenhof Karate: Hessel Kooi Systema: Douwe van den … Continue reading New Board


The Groninger Studenten Budo Vereniging de Mattekloppers is a student sports-association where Ju Jitsu, Judo and Systema are being practised.  Til the beginning of 2017 Karate was practised as well. The Mattekloppers are renowned for Judo especially, e.i. because of our participation in the Olympics. De Mattekloppers are founded on January 15th 1968 in Groningen. … Continue reading History


The board of directors exists of three core members and four commissioners. Each commissioner organises for his or her sport a couple of activities and acts as a spokesman for the board. The core members keep themselves busy with running the association as a collective. The chairman is the principal for everything happening in the … Continue reading Board

our sports

At the Mattekloppers we offer three different martial arts, ju jitsu, systema and judo. Judo is divided into technical judo and competitive judo. The drop down menu, or the following links help you to find the way to YOUR perfect martial art. Every martial arts has its own unique properties and focusses on different aspects … Continue reading our sports

About us

Groninger Studenten Budo Vereniging de Mattekloppers is an association which deals with the practice of combat-systems: Judo, Ju Jitsu and Systema. Training Wether you like to train for leisure, for competitions or for learning self defense, you will naturally end up with “De Mattekloppers”. Once you are a member you can train as much as … Continue reading About us


You can reach us by email, snailmail or this nifty contact form  Snailmail Adress your letters to ACLO, TAV GSBV de Mattekloppers Blauwborgje 16 9747 AC Groningen Emailadresses Looking for a specific email adress? Check out the list below: Chairman Secretary Treasurer Commissionaire Technical Judo Commissionaire Competitive Judo Commissionaire Ju Jitsu Commissionaire Systema Actie Webmaster … Continue reading Contact


So you want to be a martial arts star? Or better: you want to train Judo, Ju Jitsu or Systema and want to do so at the Mattekloppers? Great! € 82,- a year buys you a membership! You can ask your sensei/trainer or your commissioner for a membership form or download and print the form … Continue reading Membership


Looking for an introduction to budosports or do you want to train outside your comfort-zone? Sign up for one of our ACLO-courses! In five or ten weeks we’ll introduce you to one of the budosports we offer at the Mattekloppers. You sign up via MyAclo. We currently offer the following courses: Ju Jitsu Consisting of three … Continue reading Courses