New Board

Dear Mattekloppers,

The annual General Members Assembly took place yesterday, which means that we have a new board! The following people will be the members on the board:

Chairman: Inge ten Seldam
Secretary: Daphne Jonker
Treasurer: Silke Kloetstra
Judo: Mirjam Borger
Competitive Judo: Stefan Sulkers
Jiu-Jitsu: Jelmer Telgenhof
Karate: Hessel Kooi
Systema: Douwe van den Berg

We would like to thank the old board for all their hard work and effort and hope to keep up the good work for this year.

We hope to see you on the mat!

Board 2016-2017

From left to right: Jelmer Telgenhof, Hessel Kooi, Douwe van den Berg, Daphne Jonker, Inge ten Seldam, Silke Kloetstra, Mirjam Borger, Stefan Sulkers

Taekwondo Masterclass with Henk Meijer

We’ve found Henk Meijer, the first non-korean world champion taekwondo willing to give us a masterclass! Not only a worldclass taekwondoka, but also the coach of several Dutch, European and World-champions. This masterclass will take place on the 27th of february, 1400 – 1600. If you want to join the clinic, please mail to the activity commission. We hope to see you all!


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