A Jiu-Jitsuka at a Judo/BJJ event

When I found out that there would be a training day for Judo and BJJ in order to let both sports mutually benefit from each other I really liked the idea. I just did not think about the fact, that I did neither the one nor the other sports. And after all Judo is just a selection of Jiu Jitsu technics and BJJ at least has Jiu Jitsu in its name hasn’t it? Also, when this event was announced it was December and I did not really think further than the Christmas holidays. Summarized you could say I didn’t think about it at all, as soon as I had registered for this event.
My thinking started right before the event: what belt should I wear? Technical a white one, but I did not have a white one. Therefore I attended the event with a brown belt, without previous knowledge about BJJ and my rather basic skills in Judo fights.
The event itself was eye-opening. Not only was I severely defeated in all floor fights (which I always considered as my strongest option) but I also learned a lot of techniques I never had thought of before. One example is the use of the Gi itself in a fight: using it to fix your enemy or even choke him was a new possibility. In general this event was really technical and in the end my head was about to burst because of all this new how-know to fix other people on the floor, since also the Judo part of the event focused mainly on the floor fighting.
Concluding I can say that this kind of events are helpful not only to improve in your own sports (which they certainly were for everyone doing Judo or BJJ and attended the event) but also for people like me who come from related sports but do not have particular knowledge about the presented sports. It is an absolutely great opportunity to get to know other techniques you usually do not encounter in your own specific sports. Not only this, already a different teacher than you usually have makes a great difference, as all martial arts have a nearly endless variation and every teacher teaches differently. Therefore don’t miss out those opportunities!