About us

Groninger Studenten Budo Vereniging de Mattekloppers is an association which deals with the practice of combat-systems: Judo, Ju Jitsu and Systema.

Wether you like to train for leisure, for competitions or for learning self defense, you will naturally end up with “De Mattekloppers”. Once you are a member you can train as much as you like and at every combat-system you fancy.

I already have some experience…
If you already have some experience with martial arts, you are always welcome to come and see if the club is something for you. For more information you can ask the trainer or one of the present board members.

Sounds nice, but I don’t have any experience…
No experience yet? That is no problem, since ACLO offers a course for nearly all our sports. You can sign up at their site: ACLO. You are welcome at a regular training as well.

Apart from our regular training schedule we organise clinics from time to time. The action committee tries to pleasantly surprise our members by introducing us to other combatsports like Krav Maga, Taekwondo, Hapkido or Pencak Silat.

Social activities
We do more than sports alone, of course. Social activities are being organised on a regular basis such as The General Members-camp, trips, drinks etc. All of this is being reported in our renowned club magazine ‘De Klopgeest’. In our magazine the editors discuss serious stuff like martial arts and delightful nonsense such as the “5 step death blow” and problems with your dishes stacked up to the roof. Please check out our Facebook page too!

Respect all – Fear none