The board of directors exists of three core members and four commissioners. Each commissioner organises for his or her sport a couple of activities and acts as a spokesman for the board. The core members keep themselves busy with running the association as a collective. The chairman is the principal for everything happening in the association and maintains contact with other associations. The secretary takes care of all the correspondence with the members en keeps track of the member administration. The treasurer controls all financial means of the association. The full board is being supported by several committees, which all have their own duties. Do you have any questions or are you interested? Don’t hesitate to talk to one of the board members or email us.

Present board

Chairman: Marcel Schöttler
Secretary: Isabel Dieleman
Treasurer: Pieter Hiltjes
Commissioner Technical Judo: Sara Raj Pant
Commissioner Competitive Judo: Casper Manting
Commissioner Ju-Jitsu: Klemen Voncina
Commissioner Systema: Zachary Cawthorne-Nugent

Previous boards

In the excel-sheet down below are all the people listed who contributed to the club!


Respect all – Fear none