The board takes care of the financials, communication and administration but at the Mattekloppers its more than just having a healthy budget and maintaining good internal and external relations. This is where the committees come in play. In small groups the committees organise clinics, create, spread and broadcast promotional material or put together the club magazine “De Klopgeest”.

Do you want to pitch in and earn experience points? See the list below if there is something you fancy. All the help is appreciated.

The Actie

The Actie; ( is the committee that takes care of activities like clinics, collective training, monthly drinks, parties and trips.
Taking part of this committee are:
Robert Feunekes
Zachary Cawthorne-Nugent
Han Havinga

The Internetcommittee

The Internet committee; ( takes care of all the technicalities of our website and social media. As the admins they manage the newsfeed and content.
Taking part of this committee are:
Jelle de Vries
Stefan Sulkers


The Judo Competition Committee ( solely exists of competition judokas. They make sure our great competition judokas can become and stay the best.
Taking part of this committee are:
Paula Borgonje
Stefan Sulkers

The Kascie

The Kascie tallies the Treasurer. Is de balance still up to par? Has everybody paid yet? The Kascie checks if everything is alright. Usually, people with financial experience, like ex-treasurers and students of Economics, take part of this committee.
This years they are:
Bert Bekker
Josry Anthonijsz
Daphne Jonker

The Klopgeestredactie

The Klopgeestredactie ( is the Editorial Office of our club magazine “De Klopgeest”. In our magazine the editors discuss serious stuff like martial arts and delightful nonsense such as the “5 step death blow” and problems with your dishes stacked up to the roof.
Taking part of the editorial office are:
Eli Cammeraat
Robert Bos
Michaela Mrázková

The Promocie

De Promocie; ( is the committee responsible for creating, spreading and broadcasting promotional material. Flyers, posters, pens and designing the clubs clothing: all in the capable hands of the Promocie.
Taking part of this committee are:
Lars Rüd
Marcel Schöttler
Lisa Bosma

The Lustrumcommittee

The Lustrum committee is responsible for the organization of our 50 year anniversary.
The members of this committee are:
Paula Borgonje
Marieke Hessels
Lizzy Coenraad
Robert Bos

Respect all – Fear none