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Silver for Joris Boes at National Championships!

At the national championships for juniors, Joris Boes won a silver medal this weekend together with his coach Simon.

In a strong field of 40 young men Joris (-73 kg) got into the final by winning 4 subsequent matches. The first two matches he won by ippon using his superquick low seoi nages and strong uchi-mata. In the quarter final Joris had to work hard for it, but beat his opponent by wazari. There he was already in the semi-final, where he showed his talent by again winning by ippon. In the final Joris started strong with a wazari lead, but eventually found himself locked in a hold down. A well-deserved silver medal for Joris.

Pim Snippe (-73 kg) and Bart Schiphof (-81 kg) also competed at this national championship, but unfortunately were eliminated early in the tournament.

Switch your website to Dutch for the more elaborate item and watch for the next edition of the Klopgeest for an interview with silver medal winner Joris!

Excitement prior to the Dutch Championships Judo!

Next weekend it is finally time! The early  highlight of the new season is starting. On the 29th & 30th of September judokas from all over the Netherlands are coming to the Topsportcentrum Almere to fight for the titles in 7 weight classes per gender. In the mix: 3 of our judokas who want to show their best judo! On Saturday Paula Borgonje, who was a little unsatisfied with her performance and a 2nd place at the NKT, will fight in the category -57kg. A sore foot that held her back is now fully recovered and thus is the motto: full steam ahead in Almere! Rick Nieters will fight one day later in the category -81kg. After an early elimination last year he is eager to try again and put his best judo on the mat. And finally Stefan Sulkers will fight on the same day in the category -90kg aiming to start where he left off after his fantastic 3rd place at the NKT. All 3 Judokas are excited and hope for a lot of Mattekloppers support of current and old members, thus if you are in the Netherlands and do not have any plans for upcoming weekend then come to Almere for exciting judo, thrilling matches and to scream our Judokas to victory of course.

Furthermore we would like to mention the names of our training partners from Veendam who also qualified themselves. Kim Smit, Anniek Potze and Ingrid Engwerda: we wish you a lot of success this weekend!

Lustrum Tournament

Only 2 weeks to go before we are able to celebrate our 50th anniversary on the 9th of June. We have organised a lot of fun and exciting activities for you.

On the 9th of June our Lustrum Tournament will take place in which different teams from the Netherlands and from abroad will compete for the win in the A- and B(eer)-competition. For enthusiasts who are not participating in those two competitions we have organised a newaza workshop.

Alongside the action on the mats a reunion will be held together with an exhibition looking back at 50 years of Mattekloppers´ history. After the competitions are over, you can enjoy a mexican buffet ! Finally the After-Judo party is held in the city centre of Groningen.

Do not hesitate and sign up for one of our several activities mentioned below via sending a mail to

The schedule for the day:
9:00-17:00 Judo mixteam-tournament
12:00-21:00 Reunion and exhibition of 50 years Mattekloppers
17:00-21:00 Mexican buffet (€8 p.p., sign-up needed)
12:00-13:00 Workshop newaza given by Johan de Jong and Simon Leistra (time might change, access for free!)
21:00 Final party at café Gelkinge 9

Looking forward to see you on the 9th of June in Groningen!

Ne-Waza Clinic

One week ago the Judokas of our club came together to enjoy a Ne-waza clinic of Niels Evers from Amserdam. Niels is not only a dutch champion in BJJ and Ne-Waza in his weight class but also member of the winning Mattekloppers team that triumphed at the International Judo tournament in Sheffield. He showed a lot of useful techniques on the ground and was able to give detailed tips and tricks to our members.

Niels we enjoyed your clinic and the after-training karaoke very much and are looking forward to see you on the mat on the 9th of June at our Lustrum tournament!

Great results for Mattekloppers in Bartjetoernooi Assen!

Last Saturday (14 April) the Mattekloppers went to the International Bartjetoernooi in Assen. The judokas competing on this day were Paula Borgonje (-57), Josine van Eck (-66), Marcel Schoëttler (-73), Stefan Sulkers (-90), Casper Manting(+90) and Tor Hermansen (+90). Our friends of the Mattekloppers Kim Smit (-57), Twan Hauch (-90) and Mark Breider (+90) were also competing.

Casper, Tor and Mark were in the same poule. Mark won his matches against Casper and Tor and lost his other match to become second. This was Tor’s first tournament in Holland. He won his match against Casper but lost his other matches. This was Casper’s second tournament ever and unfortunately he could not win a match. Nonetheless it was a good experience for all judokas and we hope they will compete in more tournaments!

This was also the second tournament for Marcel Schoëttler. He lost both his matches and was eliminated from the tournament, but another experience richer.

Stefan Sulkers and Twan Hauch were in the same poule and had to compete twice against the same opponents. Stefan won all his matches with ippon. He won with an armbar, a hold and a nice combination of ko-uchi-gari(leg throw), o-uchi-gari(leg throw) and uchi-mata(hip throw). Twan lost to Stefan but was able to win all his other matches with waza-ari. He won with a beautiful ippon-seoi-nage and morote-seoi-nage (shoulder throws).

Josine van Eck started with a loss. She restored herself by winning her next match with waza-ari after a great face-off in the extra time. By winning one match and losing one she became second.

Paula Borgonje and Kim Smit joined the tournament in the afternoon. Paula won her first matches by a hold and a ko-uchi-maki-komi(leg throw) respectively. Kim won her first match with two waza-ari’s. Then Kim and Paula had to face off in the finals. Paula won with two waza-ari’s to become champion in her weight. Kim had to fight after the finals for the second and third place. She won her match with waza-ari and became second.

After the tournament we went home and celebrated our succes in the pub in Groningen!

Mattekloppers winning prizes in Lommel!

Last Sunday (8 April) the Mattekloppers traveled to Lommel for the Soeverein Judocup. Paula Borgonje (-57 kg), Stefan Sulkers (-90 kg) and Benjamin Heeres (-100 kg) entered this tournament for the Mattekloppers. Also our friends from Veendam Ingrid Engwerda, Kim & Amy Smit and Twan Hauch joined us on the tatami. Ben wins first place

Benjamin Heeres had a tough first match, but after his opponent received his third shido and got himself disqualified, Benjamin claimed victory.  After this match he already found himself in the finals. In the finals he beat his opponent with a choke. On the podium he received the gold cup for his efforts this day.

Stefan Sulkers also had a tough first match. After scoring waza-ari first he lost the match after his opponent scored waza-ari twice. His opponent eventually reached the finals, so he had to fight for third place. This fight was against Twan Hauch from Veendam. Stefan won the match with an o-uchi-gari (leg throw) and claimed third place.Stefan on third place (person on the right)

Paula Borgonje started with a victory by sweeping her opponent and then taking her in a hold. In the semi finals she lost to her opponent by waza-ari. Then she had to fight for third place. In this match she regained herself and won again by sweeping her opponent and taking her in a hold.

Our friend from Veendam Ingrid Engwerda, Kim & Amy Smit lost their first match. Unfortunately for them because their opponent did not reach the finals, they went home empty-handed.

On the way back we went to the McDonald’s and we enjoyed the sun on the terras while celebrating our results.


Mattekloppers take first place at International Tournament Sheffield!

Last week seventeen judoka’s from the Mattekloppers traveled to Sheffield to compete in the USIST international student tournament against opponents from Holland, Germany and the United Kingdom. They entered the tournament with 2 teams: Groningen A consisted of Kim Smit (-63), Paula Borgonje (-63), Ingrid Engwerda (+63), Djim Segers (-73), Rick Nieters (-81), Benjamin Heeres (-90) and Niels Evers (+90). Groningen B consisted of Amy Smit (-63), Lizzy Coenraad (-63), Josine van Eck (-63), Anniek Potze (+63), Stefan Greuter (-73), Marcel Schöttler (-73), Niels Snippe (-81), Twan Hauch (-90), Stefan Sulkers (-90) and Casper Manting (+90).

Groningen A had to fight the teams of Glasgow, Leeds and Manchester in the poule fase. They easily won all their matches and proceeded to the next fase. Groningen B had to fight against the teams of Edinburgh, Leeds and Bradford. They had some tough matchups, but eventually also won all matches and moved on to the next fase. In the next fase the teams were put in elimination brackets. Groningen B lost after some thrilling matches with 3-2 to Radbout Nijmegen and were eliminated. Groningen A won from Aachen with 5-1 and moved on to the semifinals. In the semifinals they beat Münster with 4-1 and moved on to the finals. In the finals Groningen A beat Radbout Nijmegen with 4-2 to become the champions. There was a surprise at the price ceremony: Josine van Eck won the throw of the day for women with a beautiful sasae tsuri komi ashi (leg throw).

After the tournament our Mattekloppers got some fries and pizza and showed they had another hidden talent: Building towers! After a quick stop at the hotel our Mattekloppers went to the Fox & Duck pub for the Boat Race: In this race they had to show their skills with chugging beer. Unfortunately this race was lost, but joining seemed more important than winning. The night ended in a party in a club under the university of Sheffield. The next day we went home again, but looking back at a fantastic weekend!

Start Of The Lustrum Year

The board of the G.S.B.V. de Mattekloppers wishes everyone a happy 2018!

Our club was founded in 1968 and thus we celebrate our 50th anniversary this year. And we as the board are sure, with the help of our members, it will be a great one!

Stay posted for planned activities throughout 2018 like our Lustrum Judo tournament and more. See the facebook page of the tournament HERE Bestuur fotoWe wish everyone the best of luck for reaching their sportive goals in the year ahead!

Lustrum Teamtournament

To celebrate the 50-year anniversary of GSBV De Mattekloppers, we would like to invite you all to our team tournament onthe 9th of June 2018!

Men: -73/-81/-90/+90
Women: -57/-70/+70

The Dutch regulations for seniors judo will be followed and every team will fight at least two matches.
After the competition, there will be a dinner and a party in the city centre!
Subscribe before the 14th of May 2018 by sending an e-mail to Don’t forget to register for the Facebook event: HERE
Invitation and Info
For further questions also contact:

Christmas 2017

Thank you all for contributing to the good atmosphere of De Mattekloppers. It was a very good year thanks to all good efforts. We would like to see you again next year (January 8, 2018) for a bouncing start of the new year!

A very nice Christmas for everyone!

With warm and festive greetings from De Mattekloppers