Looking for an introduction to budosports or do you want to train outside your comfort-zone? Sign up for one of our ACLO-courses! In five or ten weeks we’ll introduce you to one of the budosports we offer at the Mattekloppers. You sign up via¬†MyAclo. We currently offer the following courses:

Ju Jitsu
Consisting of three main focus points: punches and kicks, locks and breakfalls and throws, Ju Jitsu is a budo sport focused on self defence. At the end of the course you’ll have learned some of the basics and know what Ju Jitsu is all about. During the classes the focus lies on practical self defence.

Systema is a combination of ancient Russian self defence techniques and modern scientific principles. Rather than being constricted by a belt-grading system, systema aims to improve oneself and to provide ways to handle threatening situations. In the classes the focus lies on awareness, and drills aimed both at being relaxed in stressful situations and being able to turn the situation to your advantage. Systema is a very effective form of self defence even against multiple opponents.

Respect all – Fear none