Lustrum Tournament

Only 2 weeks to go before we are able to celebrate our 50th anniversary on the 9th of June. We have organised a lot of fun and exciting activities for you.

On the 9th of June our Lustrum Tournament will take place in which different teams from the Netherlands and from abroad will compete for the win in the A- and B(eer)-competition. For enthusiasts who are not participating in those two competitions we have organised a newaza workshop.

Alongside the action on the mats a reunion will be held together with an exhibition looking back at 50 years of Mattekloppers´ history. After the competitions are over, you can enjoy a mexican buffet ! Finally the After-Judo party is held in the city centre of Groningen.

Do not hesitate and sign up for one of our several activities mentioned below via sending a mail to

The schedule for the day:
9:00-17:00 Judo mixteam-tournament
12:00-21:00 Reunion and exhibition of 50 years Mattekloppers
17:00-21:00 Mexican buffet (€8 p.p., sign-up needed)
12:00-13:00 Workshop newaza given by Johan de Jong and Simon Leistra (time might change, access for free!)
21:00 Final party at café Gelkinge 9

Looking forward to see you on the 9th of June in Groningen!