Mattekloppers gain medals in tournament Stiens!

Last week our team of judokas went to Stiens for the Friese Masters and the Ne-Waza tournament. Our team consisted of Paula Borgonje (-57 kilogram), Josine van Eck (-66 kilogram), Stefan Sulkers (-90 kilogram) and Tor Hermansen (+90 kilogram). They gained 3 gold medals, 2 silver medals and 1 bronze medal.

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Josine lost her first match, but won her other two matches. By making a beautiful overtake, she won the bronze prize.

Stefan Sulkers won his first match by two waza-aris. In his next match he won with a sankaku (triangle choke with the legs). His last match was a thrilling match. First his opponent scored a waza-ari. Then Stefan scored a ippon with an o-uchi-gari (leg throw), but his ippon got removed. After that his opponent gained his third shido and got disqualified, handing the win and golden medal to Stefan.

This was the second tournament for Tor Hermansen in Holland. He had to face off against the same opponent three times, but could not win. Despite his loss, he did improve a lot over the matches. Next time we hope to see more of him!

Paula Borgonje started of strong by winning her match with a hold. She also won her next two matches, both with an armbar. By showing strong ne-waza (ground judo) she won the first prize.

Ne-Waza Tournament

In the evening Stefan, Paula and Tor went to the ne-waza tournament. This is a tournament only for ground judo.

Paula showed great ground judo yet again, winning her first match with a hold. Her next two matches she would win by spinning juji-gatame (armbar). Being undefeated she gained the golden medal.

Tor Hermansen won all his matches in the poule fase. After that he won once more and lost one match to become second and take the silver medal.

Stefan Sulkers had to fight 5 matches. He won two of them by hold and two of them by sankaku (triangle choke with legs). He lost one match by armbar and gained the silver medal in the process.

A great result for our judokas on these two tournaments. Hopefully we will see you too in one of the tournaments soon!

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