So you want to be a martial arts star? Or better: you want to train Judo, Ju Jitsu or Systema and want to do so at the Mattekloppers? Great! € 82,- a year buys you a membership!

You can ask your sensei/trainer or your commissioner for a membership form or download and print the form at the bottom. Fill it out completely and hand it to either your commissioner or place it in the pigeon hole next to the service desk at the ACLO.

Keep in mind that you have to have a valid ACLO-card. Buy yours here.

Application Mattekloppers English

Cancel your membership

Do you have to leave so soon? We’re sorry to hear that. We have the following rules for cancelling. First: you must cancel before the first of august, otherwise you will remain a member for the remainder of the year (and are required to pay for it)
Second: cancelling must be done via e-mail or regular mail addressed to the secretary. Simply telling him/her will not suffice.

Do want to stay in touch with us? Contact the  for an Oud-lidmaatschap. For € 25,- a year you’ll get a digital copy of the Klopgeest and we’ll keep you informed about upcoming events.

Respect all – Fear none