Ju jitsu

Ju Jitsu is a unarmed fighting system from Japan. It is a very broad and complete system that has hundreds of techniques.The primary focus is in throwing techniques, strangulations, locks and holds. characteristic of these techniques is that you always use the force of the opponent against him or herself. Next to this we also train kicking and punching for self defense and for sparring.

The name Ju jitsu means “soft art” or supple technique, a similar translation can be found in ju-do.

De Mattekloppers beschikken over een ervaren Ju Jitsu docent: Renger Boersma. He has a 3rd degree blackbelt and is alowed to train people up to their second degree black belt. Renger has been a trainer since 1984 and in that period he has trained a lot of people to their black belt.

If you want to join for a training you are welcome to come by at one of the regular training hours, or subscribe to the ju jitsu course at the ACLO!

Respect all – Fear none