competitive judo

This group consists of enthusiastic judo practitioners who train three times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) under the supervision of our coach Simon Leistra to attain the highest level of competitive judo. The mattekloppers are a phenomenon on national and international levels. One of our old members, Karin Kienhuis, even competed at the Olympic games! Other competitive judo practitioners have also attained good rankings on various World and European championships.

Lately the mattekloppers are mostly operating on the highest level of the national competitions. An example of this is that the mattekloppers attained three top 3 positions at the dutch national championships. we are also doing well in team formations, in both the mix teams and men’s teams we are ranked in the top 4 of the Netherlands.

Next to the fact that we are a hard training group of judo practitioners, weare also a student clu. This is shown trough the great social and friendly atmosphere in and out of the training hours. We also organize team building outings. Think of great nights out into the city, a yearly camp, participating in survival weekends, dinners and much more!

In short: an enthousiastic group of hardworking judo practitioners who also keep the social aspects in high regard.
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