Start Of The Lustrum Year

The board of the G.S.B.V. de Mattekloppers wishes everyone a happy 2018!

Our club was founded in 1968 and thus we celebrate our 50th anniversary this year. And we as the board are sure, with the help of our members, it will be a great one!

Stay posted for planned activities throughout 2018 like our Lustrum Judo tournament and more. See the facebook page of the tournament HERE Bestuur fotoWe wish everyone the best of luck for reaching their sportive goals in the year ahead!

Lustrum Teamtournament

To celebrate the 50-year anniversary of GSBV De Mattekloppers, we would like to invite you all to our team tournament onthe 9th of June 2018!

Men: -73/-81/-90/+90
Women: -57/-70/+70

The Dutch regulations for seniors judo will be followed and every team will fight at least two matches.
After the competition, there will be a dinner and a party in the city centre!
Subscribe before the 14th of May 2018 by sending an e-mail to Don’t forget to register for the Facebook event: HERE
Invitation and Info
For further questions also contact:

Christmas 2017

Thank you all for contributing to the good atmosphere of De Mattekloppers. It was a very good year thanks to all good efforts. We would like to see you again next year (January 8, 2018) for a bouncing start of the new year!

A very nice Christmas for everyone!

With warm and festive greetings from De Mattekloppers

Bring a dish

Since some time the branch of Ju Jitsu organizes a  monthlybring a dish dinner where each one prepares a dish for a dinner we can enjoy together.

This last meeting in 2017 could be called more than a success, with delicious tastes and new dishes.

Ju Jitsu painball trip

With several members of ju jitsu we went paintballing. It was great fun and an action-packed game, including a duel. There were a few bruises (and there was a chicken with a weapon), but everything went well. I want to thank everyone for the great day!

Black Belt exams!

On Saturday 17 December Daphne Jonker and Victor Pera earned their first Dan Judo.
Josry got his black belt Ju-Jitsu (1e Dan)! They all worked hard for it and they put down a great performance. Congratulations guys with receiving your black belt!

img-20161218-wa0023 whatsapp-image-2016-12-18-at-11-51-49 whatsapp-image-2016-12-18-at-11-51-35

New Board

Dear Mattekloppers,

The annual General Members Assembly took place yesterday, which means that we have a new board! The following people will be the members on the board:

Chairman: Inge ten Seldam
Secretary: Daphne Jonker
Treasurer: Silke Kloetstra
Judo: Mirjam Borger
Competitive Judo: Stefan Sulkers
Jiu-Jitsu: Jelmer Telgenhof
Karate: Hessel Kooi
Systema: Douwe van den Berg

We would like to thank the old board for all their hard work and effort and hope to keep up the good work for this year.

We hope to see you on the mat!

Board 2016-2017

From left to right: Jelmer Telgenhof, Hessel Kooi, Douwe van den Berg, Daphne Jonker, Inge ten Seldam, Silke Kloetstra, Mirjam Borger, Stefan Sulkers

Respect all – Fear none