Training Schedule

Training schedule 2018 – 2019

18:00-19:30 Technical Judo (Harry & Matthijs)
19:30-21:00 Ju-Jitsu
21:00-22:00 Systema (Xander)

19:30-21:00 Competitive Judo in Kardinge

19:30-21:00 Systema & course Systema (Xander)

20:00-21:30 Competitive Judo

18:30-19:30 Self Defense course
19:30-20:30 Ju-Jitsu course

20:30-22:00 Ju-Jitsu
22:00-22:30 Free sparring session

19:30-21:00 Technical Judo (Niels)

All of the training hours take place at the Sportscenter (Blauwborgje 4, Groningen) in hall 2. The exception is the training for competitive judo on monday, the adress for these trainings is: Kardingeplein 1, 9735 AA, Groningen.

Some of our members organize open training sessions in the weekends. More info afbout this can be found on our facebook group:

N.B. These open sessions are not organized by GSBV the mattekloppers, therefore training at one of the open sessions is at your own risk!

Respect all – Fear none