Become an Alumni!


This membership is made for systema practitioners, karateka's, Jiu-Jitsuka’s, and Judoka’s who, though no longer grace the tatami with their skills, still aspire to maintain a (social) connection with our beautiful association and its large number of generations.

As an alumni member, you will have the privilege of being an (inactive) member of the association, accompanied by a delightful array of benefits, including:

  • Invitations to our special alumni events and reunions! Your (full) contribution will be used for this!
  • Alumni-trainings
  • Invitations to socials
    • For example: camp, our tournament, and other big events
    • Activities organized by the AcCie for our association only

                     - Not the mixed socials -

  • You will get the Klopgeest in your inbox
  • Order and show off your Mattekloppersmerch

The Alumni membership opens up the possibility to stay better connected to the current Mattekloppers, but also your old Matteklopper buddies. This new type of membership is created especially for you as part of our legacy that needs to be remembered. As our own "Club of 25" you can stay part of G.S.B.V. de Mattekloppers for a basic membership fee of €25,-. This fee will be invested back into you during the annual Alumni day we want to introduce + potentially other Mattekloppers Alumni infrastructure that is requested. If you would also like to support de Mattekloppers in a financial manner, it is also possible to donate next to the Alumni membership.

For both options we give you the possibility to allow us for an automatic incasso or for you to manually transfer the contribution to G.S.B.V. de Mattekloppers, depending on your preferences.

Note that this membership does not allow you to frequently join our regular trainings or competitions in our name!

Are you interested in joining? For more information, send an email to

Or join us right aways and Click here to sign up! 

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