For the upcoming year G.S.B.V. De Mattekloppers is still looking to get in contact with potentially new sponsors! Would your company like to become one of our new sponsors? Send an email to voorzitter@mattekloppers.nl to get in touch!


Judoshop is your website for judo sports! The owners are very involved in the world of judo, having years of experience. A judoka must have a high-quality judogi, a sports bag, instructional plates and gadgets that are also part of judo. They only sell the best brands of judo gear and give high-quality information and advice.  Made for judokas, by judokas! Find them on Instagram @judoshop.nl!


Cafe de Tapperij and Poolcafe All Round are great judo and jiu-jitsu enthusiasts just as we are! That’s why we have teamed up with them to be able to make our association thrive even more during our tournaments but also on the social side!

Find them on Instagram @detapperijgrotemarkt!



The ACLO is the global student sports foundation of the RUG and the HG. For students of these two institutions, the ACLO determines what sports are being provided.

Find them on Instagram @aclosport!


Judo Bond Nederland (JBN) has a passion for aikido, jiujitsu, and judo and believes in the connecting power of these disciplines, that strengthen humans and society. Find them at jbn.nl or follow them on Instagram @judobond!


Judoteam Groningen connects its program for students aged 15-18 with Topsport Talentschool Groningen, offering an ideal solution for high school athletes with demanding training schedules. For those aged 21 and above, the team provides comprehensive training programs, collaborating with schools like RUG and HG to accommodate morning sessions. 

Find them on Instagram @talentpartnergroningen!


Sport050 is the sports booth of the Municipality of Groningen. It supports sports providers, education and individual sporters. We execute the sports policy of the local authority. Together with other partners, Sport050 develops activities and programs that stimulate sports, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle of the citizens of Groningen. 

Find them on Instagram  @sport050_groningen!


GroningenLife is a platform for (upcoming) students in Groningen. We are a group of enthusiastic students who can tell you everything about the student life in Groningen. On our website groningenlife.nl/en you can find information regarding study, hotspots, culture, associations, housing, sports, practical and finance. Take a look at our instagram page (@groningenlife) where we post nice content for (upcoming) students!

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