Membership and Contribution


To participate at the Mattekloppers, there are 2 memberships that you need to be aware of. First, we have our own membership, which is specified below with its advantages. It is possible to choose between a full-year membership, and half-year membership. Additionally, you must hold an ACLO card, priced at €59.95 per year. Your contribution supports our skilled trainers, equipment upkeep, replacements, and member-exclusive activities. Please note that the annual membership covers the academic year duration.

Please note that you have to sign out from G.S.B.V. de Mattekloppers, the deadline for this is 1 month before the start of the next semester!!!


Judo federation

As being part of the Dutch Judo Federation we highly encourage getting a membership as well, priced at €66,50 per year, which can be purchased at the website of the Dutch Judo Federation. Only for this year (Sep. 2023 - July 2024), it is possible to get the administration costs of €15,20 back by emailing the federation and mentioning being a member of the Mattekloppers!

Our sponsors