Judo, a martial art originating in Japan, has evolved into a global sport practiced worldwide. It emphasizes the efficient application of strength through grappling and ground fighting techniques.

Our technical judo training sessions prioritize the principle of 'practice makes perfect.' They focus on refining skills in both Tachi-waza (standing techniques) and Ne-waza (ground techniques). Rather than relying solely on physical strength, we emphasize mastering precise mechanics, from establishing correct imbalance to executing throws with finesse.

These sessions accommodate individuals of all skill and strength levels, benefiting both beginners and advanced judokas. Beginners focus on mastering throw fundamentals and safe falling techniques, while advanced practitioners refine techniques, explore diverse approaches, and experiment with combinations.

By bringing together judokas of varied proficiency levels, our sessions become dynamic and enriched. Novices learn from experienced judokas, while advanced practitioners continuously enhance skills and introduce innovative methods. This fosters growth and development, nurturing a supportive community dedicated to mastering judo.


Judo; What? Why? How? & Where?

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