My Matteklopper

My Matteklopper

Welcome to My Matteklopper!

Here, you'll uncover a treasure trove of information not only about yourself but also about our esteemed association. This platform serves as a gateway to our vibrant community, offering plenty resources and insights.

Within these digital walls, you'll discover updates on our social events, keeping you in the loop with the latest gatherings and festivities. You can dive into the archives to discover both the latest and past editions of our cherished Klopgeest, each brimming with amazing memories and our most memorable moments.

Furthermore, stay on top of our competition schedule, ensuring you never miss a moment of our competitive spirit. Look at your profile, or immerse yourself in the visual splendor captured during our events through a gallery of captivating photographs. Did you know that you could add your own as well? ;)

In our spotlight section, we celebrate our outstanding members - the Mattetoppers and Honorary members who contribute to the essence of our association. Their stories inspire and unite us, embodying the spirit of G.S.B.V. de Mattekloppers.

Welcome to a world where martial arts, competition, and celebration converge. Let My Matteklopper be your guide to all things extraordinary within our esteemed community.


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